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I lost it   Leave a comment

okay I have been working at this job for almost nine years, and the majority of the people who do my job, are men.
At least in this school district.

and while I’m not saying this is  harassment I do think  I was warranted for losing it.
here’s the story…..

There are several men who are considered maintainance workers, who deliver things, or fill in for when a custodian is out sick, or helps with shoveling snow and what not.

At any rate, there are two men who constantly and I do mean constantly give me a hard time, teasing me or questioning what I say or just basically acting like I don’t have a brain in my head

One is named Brian and the other Pat

Pat is probably a few years older than I am and Brian is probably my age.

today they both came in with two other guys to deliver the room full of furniture they were required to deliver.
Brian  came in Tuesday and wanted to know where the stuff was going.
Well on Tuesday I told him room 8 because that is where the principal and I decided to put the furniture.

since Tuesday the plans were changed due to the principle’s request so things were now going to be put in room 2

I even called down to the physical plant yesterday for the secretary to leave a message with the men, about the room change in case I was out to lunch or some where else in the buildling when they came.

So today they come in and argue with me about the room change.
Ribbing me about ‘what the other room was too much work for you so you want things in here now?’

and Pat even called down to the physical plant to ask the secretary where all the furniture was to go.
I told him “I am the boss, this is my school, here is where it is going”
and he still had the nerve to call the secretary and tell her “Marge seems confused about where the stuff is going”

For years I have listened to these men give me a hard time, from pounding on my office door and accusing me of sleeping on the job, to my faking back injury to get out of shoveling snow…and on and on.

So today I lost it.

I looked at the them and said “You know what, I am sick to death of you guys and your always questioning me.  I said it goes in room 2 so put it in room fucking 2!” and then I walked away.

Pat came and apologized for teasing me and I shook his hand when he offered it as a peace-offering

Brian later said to me in a nicer, not joking or ribbing tone, “are we having fun yet?” and I didn’t look at him but said “Loads of fun”  so I take that as his peace-offering.

I’m not sure if I will get into trouble for losing it but I think they have pushed my buttons long enough.
And hopefully this will keep them from doing any more ribbing or teasing or whatever the hell one calls it.

I can be a bitch when I need to be.
And all four men saw a side of me today they have never seen.
I’m not proud of losing it, but I am sick to death of being treated like I’m either stupid, lazy or I don’t know what I am talking about.

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sweating and working and getting a lot done   Leave a comment

Well call me an idiot or an over devoted employee, but I came in early today to finish up a room.
I am supposed to be at work at six thirty.
I am always here before six am, 95% of the time.
Today I came in at 4:50 am because I was told that the movers were going to be bring a bunch of stuff and it is to be stored in the room I was cleaning.
So like the good employee I am, I came in to get the room done so I wouldn’t keep them waiting.

Nearly six hours later and they still haven’t show up to put the stuff in the room.
But the room is done at  any rate.

I was literally sweating to the point of sweat dripping off my face on to my clothes this morning.
It was wonderfully cool outside but we have to shut up the entire building over night and it held in all the warm air of yesterday .
So it was unGodly hot.

I have finished another room though so that is a plus.
One of the easiest to do
It was hardly dirty at all, because it is hardly ever used.
But it is done.
That makes two now.
So that leaves me just 24 rooms to go, not counting hallways, offices and the library and break room
Guess I better find some more ambition and get back to work.

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