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Joran Van Der Sloot   Leave a comment

You know, I am usually the person who roots for the under dog.
I have to admit (and yes I am ashamed to do so,) but when OJ Simpson was being accused of killing his wife, I thought the police and media were being unfair to him, and didn’t even look elsewhere for who could possibly have done the killings.
NOW though I do honestly believe that OJ Simpson killed his wife and the man who was with her.

Scott Peterson, I thought from the minute I heard that his wife was missing, I was positive he had some how killed her.
Thank GOD that a jury found him guilty of killing her and their unborn child, and hopefully he will rot in jail until he dies.

Call me cold hearted, I don’t care.
I just think some people are evil.

Take Joran Van Der Sloot.
Looking at the young man, I think, okay he is a good-looking kid, with a lot money from his parents and he has the attitude that he can do no wrong.
Okay, he is arrested twice but never charged with ( the disappearance or) murder of Natalie Holloway.

So he must not have done it, right?

five years later he is arrested in the murder of another young woman.

Stephany Flores
Only this time he confesses to killing her because they have him red handed on a hotel video going into his room with this young lady and coming out alone.
And her body is found, beaten and with a broken neck.

He confessed, so I’m guessing he is 99.9% guilty.
I think the man is quite smart.
I think he knows the ins and outs of the law and he knows what will be in his best interest.

Which I think confessing was, for him in his best interest.

Watching him on TV tonight and reading articles about him on the internet, I think the man is cold and heartless and in his mind anyway it is all about him.
I do believe he is a mentally unbalanced, but not in the way where he would need to be in a mental hospital for the rest of his life.
I think, he lives in his own world and believes that none of the rules apply to him.

I could be wrong, since I have no training in any way about the minds of people.

But watching him and listening to him, I think the young man must have been raised by two people who led him to believe that the world was his oyster and he could do whatever he wanted in this world.
And if he did something wrong, like say break the law, then mommy and daddy would fix it so their golden boy wouldn’t be punished.
And some where along the way, he believes it and has lived it.

It saddens me that another young woman has died at his hands.
Because chances are, and again I am 99.9% sure, he either killed Natalie or something he did caused her death, weather it was intentional or not.

I will pray for his soul.
And I only hope and pray that this Stephany’s  family can find closure and maybe some how, some way Joran can give Natalie’s family closure too by confessing to what he did five years ago.

what a sad world we live in when people think they can take someone’s life just because they want to.

God if you are listening, we sure do need YOU down here on earth.


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photos from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull Volcano eruption   Leave a comment

here are a few pictures a woman at work sent me showing scenes from when the volcano erupted and the aftermath

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first day of fifty two days   Leave a comment

well school is out and today is day one, of the fifty two days I have to clean this school.
The teachers are here today.  A mandatory day for them and then they are free to go the entire summer until August  16th without coming here if they so choose.
Most will take the rest of this week to get things ready for the summer cleanup

some will take the rest of this month to get done.

However long they take depends on how soon I can get into their classrooms.

Where will I find the energy?
I have no idea.

But since I am here I may as well get to it, right?

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