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Okay I have had this cold for almost forty eight hours and I am quite sick of sneezing, coughing and being annoyed with this thing.
How did I get a cold?
I have no idea?
I mean my grand daughter has one but I haven’t seen much of her these last two weeks so I can’t say I got it from her.
My grandson has a bit of a cold too but I don’t think his little germs could affect me this way.

Odd though, I worked drove home (Interstate due to construction on highway 6) and when I got home I was so tired that I lay on the couch and slept for forty five minutes!
My son and his daughter came and woke me up!
Very strange, because I am not a nap person…..

still I will be thrilled to get rid of this crappy thing.
Maybe I can sweat it out at work.
They are talking ninety on Friday and I don’t have air conditioning at my job, so hopefully I can get rid of this cold by then, if not before.

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I am very happy to be back at work.
For one reason to see the kids before they leave for the summer and for another I was getting bored at home.
Like I told my sister if I had a lot of money I wouldn’t have been bored, but…that isn’t the case and there is only so much you can do day after day.
The first two weeks I wasn’t bored at all, but this last week it was pretty bad.
I use to think I would like to stay home and never work but I have discovered that I feel better physically when I am working, and I am not quite so lazy.

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