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so this morning I went up into the attic to look for a small book-case that I have had since I was a child.
I found it but I also went through some other boxes up there of things that I had put up there after we moved from the other house to this one.

talk about a lot of stuff.
I have boxes of toys for the girls that I just can’t make myself bring downstairs when they already have a toy box full of toys.

I have clothes that I will never wear again that I need to take to good will.
(Why do it today though? I will put that off for a few more months or years)

and all kinds of knic knacks and other things that I really don’t need but can’t bring myself to throw out “just yet”

I have never considered my self one of those people who has a lot of junk.
Today I am rethinking that

I tell myself I have lived back in this house for the last six months, and if I haven’t needed it  up till now, I obviously can live without it, right?
Now I just have to get the energy to bring it all down and go through it and throw stuff away or give it to good will.

you know it sounds like a job for this winter.
Procrastinating I know.

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totally annoyed   Leave a comment

I don’t know what is going on with this computer of mine but I am totally annoyed.
Every time I try to log into something I have to re-do (type in)my password, when I had all that saved and it would automatically just take me to the sight.
Now I have to re log in every time AND if I want to have the computer remember my password than it refuses to log me in.
Sometimes I really hate computers!

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5 more days until………..   Leave a comment

today is day one of five, until I can go back to work.
I have so much to do this summer that I am anxious to get it started.
I know that sounds weird.
I will get to go back to school on the last day the students have school
Suppose they missed me?
It will be good to see them and for the 6th graders moving up to junior high it will be the last day I see them

I wouldn’t say I am bored being home, I actually quite like it, but I know there is so much to do at work on my 53 days before school starts in August that I don’t know how it will be possible to get everything that needs done- done.
Makes me weary just thinking about it.

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