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incredibly tired   Leave a comment

I don’t know why but I feel incredibly tired tonight.
It isn’t even eight pm and I was yawning an hour ago feeling like I could go to bed.
I know I was up earlier then I normally get up.
but that was the case the last two days.
I can’t say what the problem is, other than, I just feel tired.

Probably too much sitting around.


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the world in the palm of their hands   Leave a comment

to protect the name of the victim I will not name names here, however I find it incredibly sad, when a young person has nothing else to do with their lives but turn to drugs.
Now before I go any further please don’t think I am passing judgement on anyone.
I’m not.
I have two children of my own (I have four total) who have made the wrong choices and gotten into drugs so badly that they both needed professional help to turn their lives around.

and thank God they did turn their lives around!

What saddens me is, kids now a days, my own included, either have such low self esteem that they feel like their self-worth is so low that they turn to drugs  OR (and this is my own theory)  it is because they are so bored with life that they turn to drugs for recreational purposes.

it saddens me greatly because the young children ( 15-35) have the world in the palms of their hands and they don’t even realize it.
These kids can do or be anything they want to do or be….and they either don’t realize it, or think they have to work too hard to obtain it….or they have no confidence in themselves to push for it.

I wish our young adults could wake up and realize…..the world is their oyster, all they have to do is grab it and work hard for it and it is theirs.

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Charley Horse   Leave a comment

Talk about painful!!!
It has been years since I have had a Charlie Horse!!
And I do mean years!!!
I have forgotten how painful they are!

I walked last night for over two miles, because I was watching Dr. Oz and he said a person trying to lose weight should walk at least 10,000 steps a day or  some where around 5 miles.
Holy Cow that is a lot of walking.
SO I decided to break it up into two parts.
Walk at least two and a half miles in the morning and two and a half miles in the afternoon.
Well let me tell you I didn’t walk this morning¬†due to this Charley horse.

It hit me around four am
And I had to get out of bed, aching and nearly crying with the intense pain in my right calf.
How horrific!

The internet says to ice it, and drink milk (before bed)¬†and even have a banana before bed and that will be a sure-fire¬†way of not getting Charley horse’s when you sleep
I will have to try it.
I NEVER want to feel like that again.
IT hurts now to put my full weight on the leg.
So no walking for me until later, (hopefully) so that means I won’t get my ten thousand steps in today.

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