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well I am at work.
Don’t want to be and I seriously thought of calling in sick but here I am.
For some dumb reason I feel like it is my moral obligation to be here.
Must be why I live in pain with my back and still work here.
My husband will be home later today from his trip to Vegas.
my uncle is still hanging in there even though we have been told repeatedly that he will go any day now.
NOT that I want him to pass, but I feel badly for the poor man who has to be in horrific pain.

I haven’t slept well the whole time my husband has been gone (the last four nights)
I toss and turn and it seems that every noise wakes me up.
I resent his snoring, but it must be a lullaby for me and I don’t even know it because I haven’t slept well since he has been gone.

my daughter still complains about being miserable feeling fat and constantly uncomfortable due to being so big and pregnant.

So really nothing much has changed in my world.

had my youngest grand daughter for about an hour last night.
She is sick with the ear infection and all she wanted to do was lay in my arms and be held.
I felt badly for her.
Guess she puked again yesterday although the doctor didn’t seemed concerned about it at all.
she is on medicine now so…hopefully she will be back to one hundred percent when I see her tomorrow.


Posted May 4, 2010 by Marge in family, ramblings

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