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so it is finally Friday.
Seems like it took a while to make it to this day.
Maybe it just seemed longer since I was sick all week.
Sort of have a runny nose now and still have a froggy throated voice.
Always something I know.

on my way in today I was thinking, what am I going to do with my weekend?
All alone with out my husband.
Let me tell you I am looking forward to it in many ways.
I assume I will have my two youngest grand daughters Saturday night and part of Sunday
And Sunday I am turning the big 49!
so my younger three children are taking me out for dinner.
Not sure where yet but that will be nice.
They generally forget my birthday or Mother’s day since they are so close together.
if I get attention on my birthday than I may as well just forget about Mother’s day because they can’t seem to do both.
Oh well…..
I’m happy they just want to spend time with me on my birthday.

I want to come in tomorrow morning and clean the gym and do a bit of grocery shopping.
And if the sun provides it, I would like to tan a bit either tomorrow or Sunday.
I’m feeling like a pale face.

I have to go and get my little grand girls from day care today and will have them until five or five thirty when their mother gets off of work.
And my eldest son and his daughter will be there too

My husband leaves for the airport at six so….I will have a quiet night at home once the kids are all gone, after seeing their father and grandfather off.

What will I do?
I have a room full of boxes that I need to unpack and put the things where they need to go.
I have a house to clean and laundry to do
(I must say, doing my own laundry and no one else’s is quite nice/my husband does his own since he has his own bathroom down there where the washer and dryer are)

I hope to write some and maybe paint some and of course be outside, weather providing.

sounds like a full weekend and I only hope I can get it all done.

Posted April 30, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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