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I am reading the above titled book and while I can’t tell you the name of the author (the book is at work and I am at home in my den) it is a good book.
I have barely begun it and I find the whole concept pretty cool.
To think something from outer space could move in our world un known to us and live and manage us in the way they see fit.
Quite interesting

I have been reading more and more lately.
During the winter months I was reading three books a week and now I am down to one because it is nicer out and I have been working on putting my house back to normal.

So while I enjoy reading, actually it is one of my favorite things to do, I love a good book that takes me in and makes me live the characters as this book
“The Intruders” is doing.

Posted April 28, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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