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so this morning I took my sister in law to Iowa City so she could buy an outfit for her job interview on Monday.
Then we came back to West Liberty and unpacked those items and then headed to Wilton so she could see my son’s new house.
We stayed there maybe a half hour and then went to Muscatine to go out to lunch.
Went back to my son’s house for a bit and then headed home

Went over to my brother in law’s, he lives right across the street from us and visited with him for twenty minutes or so and then came home.
My youngest daughter and her boyfriend came over and we sat outside for about ninety minutes while my youngest grand daughter played in the yard.

we came in and I made Chili for supper, my husband came home and we ate.
After dishes Kayla and I went for a walk, while Keira took a nap

Rick and his sister Brenda went back over to Mike’s my brother in laws to visit and I gave Kayla a bath.

Keira has woken up and I fed her and now we are watching Shrek on TV

Kayla is about ready for bed and I’m sure the moment it gets dark enough she will fall asleep.

Was planning on watching a movie on the big screen
“Chicago” because Brenda hasn’t seen it, but if they are over at Mike’s too long, then we won’t be watching it tonight.

She is here at least until Wednesday (sigh) and I’m sure we have all kinds of time to watch a movie on the big screen.


Posted April 17, 2010 by Marge in family, my loves, ramblings

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