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so as I began my job today I ran into a teacher who is here about ninety minutes earlier then he needs to be.
I asked him “Did you fall out of bed this morning?”
And he said “Yep right on my head”
Silly I know.
He then asked me how I was doing today and without even thinking I said “Perfect”
And he laughed and said “Perfect?”
And I said “Yes, I would rather not be at work but I’m having a good day”
As we parted I thought to myself……
Okay maybe not perfect but pretty good.
I don’t even mind being here although that could change at any moment.
Especially if a child makes an unnecessary mess of something.
I talk to God every night before I go to sleep and I even said a quick prayer this morning on my way into work and I feel really good today.
God has that power
At least He does for me.
There are things I wish I could change, or undo or do better in my life but I can’t.
It is all water under the bridge.
people either like me or they don’t.
I can’t force myself on people to make them like me.
I have my Lord,  my health, all my children are healthy
Rick is healthy and my grandchildren are all healthy and my little peanut will be here in six weeks or so.

I have a job, a beautiful home and probably at least thirty more years or so left on this earth.
What more could I need?

more money would be great but is that a need?
nope, just a want…..

 so while I may not really be “PERFECT” in every sense of the word, I am vowing to make it a great day.
Besides the weather is perfect and that helps the mood immensely.


Posted April 14, 2010 by Marge in family, God, my loves, ramblings

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