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Ugh people annoy me!!!
I just talked to this man I know who rents out houses.
I texted my sister to tell her about one that I cleaned once that was small and cute and would be perfect for her.
I emailed the man back to ask him if they allowed pets.
he said yes with an extra deposit

so I think great I found a place for my sister to live and help her get out of the apartment place she hates so much.

Only to have him text me back that they already have the place rented.
What the fuck??

I emailed him back and said “Why didn’t you say that in the beginning before I started asking all these questions?????”
Where is the common sense?????
Jesh it annoys me to no end.

people can be so stupid some times!
I even wrote in the email “What a waste of time!”
because it was.
Why tell me all these things knowing I sounded interested to lay the “oh we have it rented” thing on me????

I just don’t get it????
People are so dumb.


Posted April 13, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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