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okay true Leo doesn’t know I exist, and frankly I am old enough to be his mother….but as I look through my pictures on this computer (I change my screen a few times a week) I see this picture of Leo and can’t help but think
“Hmmm… about sexy”
Doesn’t he just reek of confidence and sexuality?
Well he does for me.
Not that he would ever look in my direction and  honestly I wouldn’t want him to.
But every time I see this picture it reminds me that I am not so old that I can’t appreciate a handsome man when I see one.
And after watching him in “Shutter Island” a few weeks ago, it just reaffirmed that he is my favorite actor.
Sorry Tom.

(Tom Hanks was number 1 for years and years but Leo pushed him out of that spot after he did “The Departed” and “Blood Diamond”)


Posted April 1, 2010 by Marge in my loves, ramblings, Uncategorized

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