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ugh, my back hurts.
I am really sick of dealing with this constant pain.

I know I need to stop lifting my grand daughters and last night I was moving bricks around for my brick patio that I am going to make in my back yard, so I know those two things alone has caused me to have this pain today.
But it is a daily thing
Yes some days are worse than others but it is always with me.
It gets old.

My sister wrote a blog about losing weight.
I need to too.
I hate how I look.
And I know I need to get moving to start walking again so I can feel better.

I’m with her, why can’t I be rich?
Then I could hire a trainer to get me in shape.
we might be bitter enemies for a while, but I at least would have someone there pushing me.


Posted March 31, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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