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last day of March   Leave a comment

hard to believe that is the last day of March.
Where did the month go?

it is amazing to me, how quickly time flies

the weeks seem to crawl while I am at work but really the days just fly by
but it brings me closer to my little grandson who is coming in seven weeks.

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Paradise   Leave a comment

look at this above picture of Paradise

isn’t it beautiful

I love just starting at pictures of places like this


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pain in the ………   Leave a comment

ugh, my back hurts.
I am really sick of dealing with this constant pain.

I know I need to stop lifting my grand daughters and last night I was moving bricks around for my brick patio that I am going to make in my back yard, so I know those two things alone has caused me to have this pain today.
But it is a daily thing
Yes some days are worse than others but it is always with me.
It gets old.

My sister wrote a blog about losing weight.
I need to too.
I hate how I look.
And I know I need to get moving to start walking again so I can feel better.

I’m with her, why can’t I be rich?
Then I could hire a trainer to get me in shape.
we might be bitter enemies for a while, but I at least would have someone there pushing me.

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