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we got up this morning and went to my school to do the building check and scrub the gym floor, move a wooden desk that I had in my office and replaced it with a smaller computer desk.
we went shopping, bought paint for our bedroom and some food, then we went to the new house in Wilton that my son and his wife are buying.
Then we went to Muscatine and priced fencing and all that
Cost is estimated at $400
came home and ordered some flowers on line and lilac trees
looking at swimming pools now that will cost around $400 too.
My youngest daughter and my middle grand daughter think we need a pool again.
Then I was looking at slides for the grand kids which is another $90 dollars.
Must start saving my pennies.
we will be watching the girls here in a bit while their parents go bowling.
Then our Saturday will be over.
It has been a very busy crazy day.


Posted March 27, 2010 by Marge in family, ramblings

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