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I can’t say I have a lot of great plans this weekend other then when I get off of work today I have to go and get my two youngest granddaughters from day care.
Then come home and do laundry and spend time with the kids, my older son and his daughter and feed the little angels probably before their parents get home.
Tomorrow I have to come back into work to do the building check, get a few supplies at Wal-Mart and a bit of grocery shopping.
and then watch the grand daughters again tomorrow night while their parents go out.
Sunday is wide open except doing the building check again.
Not a very eventful weekend, but next weekend my son and his wife are moving to their new house and it will be busy.
I have a four day weekend next weekend to get my house back into shape after they move out.
I think I have mentioned before “Dog Hair”
so disgusting and gross and it is every where in my house.
A lot of deep cleaning needs to be done.

Posted March 26, 2010 by Marge in family, ramblings

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