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so I just reserved a lakeside cabin for me and three of my children, their spouses and kids and my husband and I, for October.
I’m not ready for October, believe me, but it is nice to know that we have a vacation in our midst.
My youngest daughter suggested it a few months ago and I thought, how cool it would be to have a cabin on the lake (we have been there before but never had a cabin)
It will only be for two days, and it is an eleven hour drive to get there, but it should be great fun.
and the trees are always beautiful there at that time of year.


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achy and tired today   Leave a comment

ahh I ache every where today.
extremely so.
I think it has to do with raking the yard last night.
I am so out of shape and it shows today by how much I hurt every where.
I took ibuprofen and I still ache.
Would hate to see how much I hurt without it.
I’m tired too although I don’t know why.
I got seven and a half hours of sleep so I should be good to go right?
I find it hard to do anything I’m so tired.
Maybe I’m coming down with something?
Or maybe I am just so out of shape my body is rebelling????

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