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the funny thing about looking back to a year ago and blogs I had written then is….I am still in the same boat as I was then.
I still am at a job that I want to get out of, and I am still feeling like my life is pretty mundane with the same thing happening each and every day like it did the day before or the week before.
it is crazy and I do need a change.
The question now is…what kind of change?
A different job?
A different attitude surely would help too!
And honestly I feel pretty good about life today.
I still wish I had a different job but that isn’t going to happen unless I quit here and take something with at least a five dollar cut in pay.
The question is, do I stay here and make good money for all the frills I want in life, or do I change jobs and buckle down and stop spending money?
Ideally I would like to stop working all together.
now if only I could swing that and talk my husband into it.

Posted March 23, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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