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I am having the Monday blahs.
I know, I have only been at work for a little over an hour and already I am thinking, ugh.
not a good feeling.
But alas…I must eat and have a roof over my head so here I am.
As depressing as that is.
I should be grateful that I have a job.
And I do know that.
I am to an extent but I really wish I could just stop working all together.
That would be awesome.

but unfortunately I can’t quit working at this time.
Just not feasable.
Maybe some day.

My husband plans on retiring in three years and then just work part time some place else.
He deserves it since he has worked every day of his life since he was seventeen.
I just hope that his health doesn’t deteroiate when he no longer works a full time job.
It happened to his father so I would really hate to see it happen to him.

Why can’t we be rich????

Posted March 22, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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