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so here in two weeks if everything goes as planned, we will be getting our home back and fixing it up as we see fit.
How exciting is that!!
No dogs means no dog kennels to have to deal with and no animal hair every where!!!
I have already painted my bathroom.
I am not quite finished but it looks so much better then it did.
We also will be painting our bedroom, and then I will fix up the girls room, and put a crib up for Aaron for when he comes to stay in the extra bedroom.
I will be able to finally get my den back……
so exciting let me tell you!
And then I will have boxes of books to unpack and a storage unit full of furniture to put back into our house.
The best part will be getting rid of all the animal hair and getting my radio back into the bathroom so I can listen to music when I shower every morning.
(I know it is the little things)
We will eventually re paint the living room and dining room and get a new ceiling in the living room and one or two bedrooms upstairs, due to cracks in the ceiling and a leak in the bedroom roof.
it will all take time of course but I am taking off two days AFTER they move so I can at least get all the curtains and blinds washed and rehung and get all the animal hair out of there before we move our furniture back in.
I am excited and can’t wait for the move to take place.
Yes I will miss my little girls but….I am ready to get my house back!!!

Posted March 22, 2010 by Marge in family, ramblings

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