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yesterday two sisters and I went to visit my uncle and his wife.
My uncle is the youngest brother of my mother and the only living relative she has in that immediate family.
He is dying of cancer of the escophogus
His wife told us the hospice nurse told them on Monday that if he doesn’t go from a heart attack or stroke that his escophogus will burst and he will bleed to death.
They give him a month to live.
Of course they are hoping for more time but it doesn’t sound like a pleasant way to go.
I am hoping and praying that he will have a heart attack that will be very fast and he will go quickly with little or no pain.
I hate to think he will suffer.

When we were kids I was scared of him because he was so gruff as I know many of my cousins felt the same way.
but he has mellowed out quite a bit or I have just grown up.
And he seems like a sweet old man now.

I do pray that when ever he goes it is quick for him and that his family can handle the pain of it.


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