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my youngest child will be 21 tomorrow.
Hard to believe.
She is going to be a mother here in two months so she won’t be going out and celebrating her 21st birthday.
we will be taking her out to eat for her birthday and I bought her a exercise bike for her too.
She seems to like it.
I hope she has at least 21 more good years ahead of her, or hell let’s shoot for fifty more at least.


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my mother would have been 83 yesterday March 13th had she lived.
She died at 65 of cancer.
18 years ago this April 4th.
Hard to believe.
Seems like yesterday in some ways and yet it seems a lot longer than eighteen years in other ways.
I miss her although I don’t think of her every day
it would be nice to talk to her every one and a while but of course that is impossible.
I meant to put a post in yesterday about her but forgot.
I wish I had a picture to post with this but alas I don’t .

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I got up and came downstairs for a few minutes then went back up again to continue painting on the bathroom
ugh it is a chore but it will look great when it is done.
Trouble is I have to paint two or three times to get all of it covered.

Anyway now I am feeding my sixteen month old grand daughter and then I’m going to take her upstairs to her sleeping parents so they can deal with her and then I’m going to shower.
Suppose to go see my sister in Kalona this afternoon.

I hope to come home later and put the second coat of paint on all that I have painted and maybe get a first coat on the rest of it.
Have to wait and see how the day looks.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday

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