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I work with this guy who is 31 years old and is twenty thousand in dept and works two crappy jobs to make ends meet but never has enough money.
I told him this morning he needed to go back to school.
And he told me he can’t justify going that much further in dept to go to college.
I told him I understood but without a college education he may never be happy with any job he has and he doesn’t want to end up like me, dumb (no college education) and working I job I hate.
He told me to stop nagging him.
Nagging him????
I was shocked!
Defining the word nagging would be to keep telling him to get off of his butt and do this or that!!!
Encouraging him to go back to school isn’t nagging.
I am trying to prompt him into thinking of his future.
Am I wrong?
Or was I nagging?
It literally threw me that he said I was nagging at him!
I was trying to help him, encourage him!!!!
I just don’t get it.


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well as of three o’clock today I am on vacation until six am on Monday March 22nd.
I have no great plans for my time off other then watching my grand daughters and no money to do anything.
Quite depressing but I need time off of work so I am taking it.
It will be glorious to be away from the rowdy children in my school for that long.
9 Days!!!

Posted March 12, 2010 by Marge in ramblings