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it bothers me greatly   Leave a comment

I read on the internet earlier that Corey Haim died of an apparent drug over dose.
he was 38
Why are these actors so into drugs and overdosing?
I realize people turn to drugs to find something to make them want to experience something more interesting then day to day life.
And I know these actors make a lot of money and have money to burn to buy drugs.
But it saddens me greatly that they have no desire to live unless they are high on drugs.
It is a tragedy and I just wish someone was out there looking out for them.


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lack of sleep   Leave a comment

my baby girl who is sixteen months old was up over half the night screaming and crying and nothing her parents could do could calm her.
I got up at two am and told them I would take her for a while.
It wasn’t like I was getting any sleep anyway with her crying the way she was.
She didn’t have a fever but she was miserable.
I came down stairs with her and put in Curious George and she watched it for a while.
I reset it to start over some where after three am and when I woke up at four thirty she was sleeping.

I am home from work today to take her to the doctor’s at eleven.
She still doesn’t have a fever but she is very fussy
I’m guessing she has ear infection.

Anyway needless to say I am really really tired.
hope to get a nap in later

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