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my husband’s best friend and co worker died last night.
I don’t have all the details but what I do know is, he got called to change his daughter’s tire on interstate and a county cop pulled in behind them with his flashers going for cars to be aware. the tire got changed, and the daughter drove off when he got back into his truck after she drove off, the county cop said he went back to his car and waited for Jim to pull out.
When he didn’t, the cop got back out and went to Jim’s drivers door to find him slumped over the steering wheel dead.
Word has it that it was either a heart attack or blood Clot
I’m betting the heart attack since he had triple bypass a few years ago.
It is sad.
he was a nice man who would do anything for anyone.
I didn’t know him all that well but I do know my husband liked him a lot and they were friends.
Not sure when the funeral is, but we will be going.
Jim’s grand daughter just died last year as the age of five of cancer.
I feel awful for the family.


Posted March 4, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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