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well I learned yesterday that my boss is retiring and so is my night custodian!
That means there will be a major change in the works.
Anyone who knows me knows I am not big on change.
I like things predictable and on an even keel.

my son and his wife looked at three houses last night and hopefully they can get the bank to approve them the money to buy.
My son sold his $14,000 truck yesterday so that will help free up some cash flow for the house payment.
I hope it works for them because I am so ready to get my home back.
To get it remodeled to my liking and just to have some peace and quiet from time to time.

Anyway…with my night custodian leaving it makes me wonder how soon they will get someone hired to do his job?
I am thinking of going to second shift myself just because I will be working more and have less time on my hands each and every day and I wouldn’t have to deal with the kids as much.
AND with my new grandson coming, IF his daddy’s mother doesn’t want to watch him, I will go to second shift and watch him every day while my daughter and her boyfriend work.

Change……hope it is all for the good.

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