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yesterday I was bound and determined that I was not going to be here another year after school lets out in June.
I hate this place more than I like it and I am sick to death of cleaning up after spoiled children and dealing with moody teachers who think I am only here to be at their beck and call.
I was so miserable yesterday I even told someone “If I am in here in the fall shoot me and put me out of my misery”
However, knowing what I know about myself, I can’t just walk away from a job that pays me so well.
I want to vacation every year.
I want a new car next year
And I can’t have these things and live the life I am use to living if I have to take a five dollar (or more) cut in pay an hour.
So I am stuck here basically.
And maybe that is why I hate this place so much.
IS because I AM stuck here.
Oh I know I could leave here and work elsewhere for ten dollars or less an hour and it might work out if I forget about the different car or vacation less.
But I don’t want to do that.
I NEED vacations to make working worth while.
I need goals set and all of that takes money.
So while I am stuck here….I know I have to stay for a few more years at least.
I definitely don’t want to retire from here.
(MY GOD 17 more years of this? NO WAY!)
but I do know for now I have to stay here.

Posted March 2, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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