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What would I do if…..   Leave a comment

What would I do if I suddenly got fired from this job?
That thought comes to me from time to time.
I do wonder.
I know I would have to work but what would I do?

What would I do if, I suddenly lost my husband?
I can’t imagine I would be living a life much different from what I am now, except that I wouldn’t have him to come home to every day.

I do worry about his health and his being so over weight can’t possibly be good on his heart.
But luckily the good Lord hasn’t seen fit to see Rick home to heaven yet.

as I have written before I often wonder if I would have gone down this path or this one……where would I be in my life at this point?

not that I don’t love my life, I do.
I just some times wonder what if????

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By the Grace of God   Leave a comment

Last Saturday the entire day was cloudy and very rainy.
So much rain that there was water standing in the streets in places.

Well my children all went to Iowa City to meet their sister for dinner and on the way home, my youngest child Emily was driving 70 on the interstate passing a semi, when she started hydroplaning and heading for a steel median
Her boyfriend grabbed the wheel and pulled to the right and they went sideways in to a ditch, sliding over a hundred feet

everyone was fine, THANK YOU LORD!
But it could have been so much worse.
If they had gone one hundred feet further east they would have crashed into a bunch of trees.
IF they had this accident a mile back from where it was, they would have gone into a ditch that was five to seven hundred feet below the highway.

Or if it hadn’t been raining, but the ditch was still covered in snow and ice, they could have been in serious trouble.

But luckily and by the grace of God, they are fine.
Shook up but fine.
The car is fine too.

I have thanked the Lord several times these last two days for taking care of her and her boyfriend and the baby, and seeing them through what could have been a fatal accident.

I am truly blessed.
Thank you Lord.

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Monday Monday   Leave a comment

I’m thinking of that song “Monday Monday, can’t trust that day” By the Mama’s and the Papa’s.
odd but it just popped into my head when I sat down to write a blog.

I usually don’t like Monday’s and I would rather be home than be here, however since the weekend was so good and my daughter survived what could have been a fatal car accident, I have all the blessings in the world right here at my finger tips and I have no reason to complain.

Life is good, I know my Lord loves me and looks after me every day as He carries me in the palm of His hand and all my children are happy and healthy.
Even my eldest child who wants nothing to do with me arrived safely home to Wisconsin last night after seeing her siblings this weekend, so…all is good in my world.

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Internet or lack of   Leave a comment

our internet at home has been acting up thus I was unable to get on all day yesterday
Hate when that happens.
I actually feel like I’m cut off from the world when I can’t get on.

Spent the majority of my day with my younger sister which was fun.
Wasn’t too crazy about spending my day that way but once we got together it was quite enjoyable.
As it always is.

Not sure when I will see her again but maybe she will be up in the next month or so.

watched the SAG awards last night.
Basically the ones who won the golden globe awards won the SAG awards too.
It wasn’t that exciting.

anyway at least Avatar wasn’t up for best movie or anything like that.

Today we went to get the furniture for my daughter at Walmart that I ordered for her.
A crip and rocking chair.

So that is done.

The rest of the day will be bumming and nothing exciting happening.
ho hum
But I’m not at work so that is a plus.

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A lazy Friday night   Leave a comment

well the house is full of kids and grandkids and although I need to clean it is impossible with so many people here.
I am doing laundry which needed done but other than that, it is a lazy evening.
I might get to clean a bit when the kids go to bed, the baby girls are usually in bed by eight thirty but then I probably will have lost all ambition.

suppose to go shopping with my youngest sister tomorrow.
or should I say she will shop and I will follow her around.
not sure that is exactly how I want to spend my Saturday but …since I rarely see her I can’t tell her no.

didn’t have a lot of plans anyway other than more bumming around the house and maybe heading to the city to pick up baby furniture for my youngest daughter and my little peanut.
But that can wait until Sunday.
Hate the cold weather and being cooped up all of the time, but until April I probably don’t have a choice.

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my sweetness   Leave a comment

yesterday afternoon I went home and was telling my husband how no one was happy with me and the sidewalks and playground here at school.
I told him I had put down over three hundred pounds of ice melt and around 150 pounds of sand to make things break up faster but it didn’t really work all that well.
regardless they had the kids stay inside because they thought it was too dangerous (and I hadn’t done a good enough job) for the kids to be outside.

Anyway as I was telling my husband this story my two grand daughters were sitting there playing in the same room.
it was obvious I was upset and my husband was agreeing with me that I can only do so much, when my grand daughter Keira put her hand on my arm and said “Nana, it is okay, you can go out and play and just forget about those other people”
Wasn’t that sweet?
I so adore being a grandmother.

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ahh finally Friday   Leave a comment

Even though this really hasn’t been a long week I’m thrilled that it is Friday.
True my work day has barely begun but I’m thrilled that in eight and a half hours I am out of here for two days.
I have laundry to do and a house to clean this weekend.
Those are my only plans.
I have no money to do anything so it will be a lot of watching whatever is on tv or a dvd that we own.

Ahh well….not like I need or want for anything because I don’t.

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