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people struggle daily with the conflict of learning to let go of a lost loved.
I have been in their shoes and I know that feeling quite well.

I wonder why people struggle with this.
Don’t they know that hanging on to something that once was, isn’t good for them?
And yes I know anyone who reads this and is going through this painful feeling will tell me they don’t have a choice.
And I do know that, I honestly do.

However hanging on is just that.
Hanging on
The one you loved has moved on.
Found someone knew…..learned to let go.

I do know that someone always loves someone more than the other person.
It just is the way it is.
and I do know the God awful pain of watching someone walk away and start a new life with someone else while my heart is bleeding and in pieces.
It isn’t fun and it is damn painful.

But we all must learn to let go.
Move on.
Put one foot in front of the other and make plans for the future and try and TRY HARD to forget the past.


Posted January 31, 2010 by Marge in my loves, ramblings

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