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ahh Monday’s
I would love to say that I love them but to be honest with you it is my least favorite day of the week unless of course I have it off.
I got my Monday morning chores done with and need to go stock a few things and probably go out and put some sand down in a few places.
Always something to do here, or so it seems.

I gave up pop again.
This is day three of giving it up.
I love to drink pop.
Either Root Beer or Coke.
However I keep packing on the pounds when I drink it and the very last thing I need is to gain weight.
So I gave it up again.
For how long?
Who knows?
But while I am stuck inside and unable to exercise the best thing to do it cut back on calories.
Besides Dr. Oz, said it was the right thing to do.
No not give up pop, although he has mentioned a time or two on his website how bad pop is for a person.
no, Dr. Oz said to cut out a hundred calories a day and that will help a person lose weight.
so I have cut out pop.
Which is probably close to 150 a day if I have one.
More if I have more than one.

Alas…..I have to start some where.


Posted January 11, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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