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Alrighty then, I am off and running and ready to begin my vacation but ooops…..I still have eight days until I am officially off.
Darn it.
I will be off from November 26th through December 6th and only using two days of vacation in the process!
I am also using three days of comp time too, but we get a four-day weekend paid for Thanksgiving so…that is why I only have to use two days of vacation.
I am so ready to just be gone from here for a while.
Terrible aren’t I?

My husband asked me the other night, “So is this how it will be, we will be taking two vacations a year?”
And I said “Yeah why not?”

Of course there is always the money issue…..but….this time at least we can swing it.

Posted November 17, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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