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You hear all over the news about the H1N1 epidemic and I think it is all a crock.
The doctors don’t even see the patients, they just go by what the person says is wrong with them and say “Oh you have H1N1!”
it is stupid.
Right now I have aches and pains all over my body and I am betting if I called the doctor they would say “You have H1N1!”

I just am not buying it that everyone has it.
Case in point.
MY daughter is three and a half months pregnant, and she got the flu about a month ago.
Mercy Hospital here in Iowa City didn’t see her but said she had H1N1 and treated her for it.
Well we went to her OB/GYN appointment ten days ago and her OB doctor said it was highly unlikely that she actually had H1N1 because by her symptoms she wasn’t sick enough!

I think it is insane that the doctors don’t even see a patient.
What’s to say the person is lying and just wants time off of work?
So they call their doctor and fake being ill and automatically get off of work because over the phone they have H1N1!

I honestly think the media and doctors have blown this way out of control.

NOT to say there aren’t some people who do actually have this flu.
But I am betting it isn’t nearly as many people as they say it is.
I bet not even half of those who have been told they have it, actually have it.

but that is just my opinion.


Posted November 11, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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