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everywhere you go, there you will be.
running along beside yourself  like a shadow bound and determined to go along with the ride, even if you don’t want the company.

You can run from many things but you can’t run from yourself , and any situation  you are in will just follow you where ever you go as long as the same situation is involved.

Many a time I have thought to myself, I just want to run away.
but in doing that I would have to run away and no longer be a mother or a wife or a grand mother.
I couldn’t run and take all of them with me because nothing would change except the location I ended up in.

All my problems, my woes…my insecurities…..everything I would want to get away from would still be there….I would just be in a different state than Iowa.

Every where I go, there I will be…..

I can’t escape taking myself along the journey when I run.
It is always there, a part of me, like my elusive shadow….racing with me and keeping up with who I am.

Posted October 26, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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