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I have to tell you that I find this very strange.
Tuesday morning I was setting up the lunch tables for breakfast and pulled a muscle in my back, causing spasms so severe that I went home for the day to rest it.

While at home on Tuesday my daughter called me and I was laying down on the couch watching TV.
I reached up with my right arm to grab the phone that was sitting on the end table, and strained/pulled a muscle in my right hip.
It felt like someone stabbed me, it hurt so badly.

fast forward to last night at home, I bent over to straighten a rug in the dining room and pulled a muscle in my left arm!

What the hell is going on?
Why suddenly am I so susceptible to pulling muscles?

My hip feels fine now and my back is always going to hurt but the muscle spasms are gone.
But my left arm, right below my shoulder hurts like hell.

I don’t get it.
What is the sudden problem here?
3 strained/pulled muscles in a little over 24 hours?



Posted October 22, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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