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I rented “Crossing Over” with Harrison Ford and while it started out slow, it got better and was quite sad in many ways.
Crossing over refers to people coming from other countries to become American Citizens, and the stories of what people will do to live here and have the American dream.

The second movie I rented was called “Lies and Illusions” with Christian Slater and it was a dud.
It got dumber as the movie went.

Now I am watching “If it doesn’t kill you” with Ethan Hawke and so far I am not impressed with this one either.

I still have to watch “Last Chance Harvey” and “Local Color”
not sure I will get either of those two in yet today because I am sagging literally from lack of sleep and it is hard to stay awake.

Still since it is so damn cold out and I have no money to do anything watching rented movies is a good past time.

I need to find something to eat and that might help keep me awake longer or at least make me feel like I have strength and ambition.


Posted October 10, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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