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I spend a lot of my day at work killing time.
I have four hours of the day that I can actually say I work.
The other four is either looking like I am busy or sitting in my office reading or writing.
I think that is why I hate the job so much.
other then cleaning up after kids who have no respect for the school
I have so much time to kill and so many hours to find things to do.
I mostly read.
once in a great while I write.

I have already read two books this week and am half way through the third one.
I love to read.
Love it so much because to me a good book is like watching a good movie in my head.
It is great.

however sometimes I wish I was doing something more productive.
Something that didn’t require me spending half of my work day looking for things to do.

I know I should be grateful that I have a job.
I should be grateful that no one demands anything of me except to be here and ready to clean up any and all spills the kids make.
I have ninety minutes at lunch that I have to be present for.
I have thirty minutes at breakfast that I have to be present for.

the other six hours I work at my own pace doing what I want to do, (or don’t want to do) and exist here.

Some would say I’m lucky to get paid 8 hours for only working 4 and I know I am
But I am also bored with it too.

So here I sit killing time waiting for eleven ten to get here so I can go set up for lunch

Posted October 1, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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