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I did a rotten thing.
I had a person confess a couple of things to me, swearing me to not repeat it and I did to another person.
It wasn’t a malicious act on my part.
It was because I felt like I was carrying a burden that I didn’t know what to do with and I needed another person’s imput.

Now the person I hurt says she isn’t upset or mad, but deep down I know I have hurt her.
She confided in me and I blew it.

in my defense though, I felt like I was sitting on a time bomb and if it exploded without my saying anything I would have a whole bunch of people down on me for not letting them privy to this information.

so I opened my big mouth.

I was wrong to do it and I have apologized quite a few times for it.
And I realize saying I am sorry, isn’t going to take a way the hurt.

I just felt and still feel like I wasn’t able to help this situation at all and not talking to anyone else was eating away at me.
Especially if something negative came from it.

So that is the scoop.
That is my flaw.
For caring so much I had to share the information to find help.

I was wrong doing it.
And I have to live with my letting this person down who means so much to me.

Posted September 30, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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