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okay I got my hair cut about two weeks ago.
it is short and most of the time I think it looks cute.
however the last two mornings I am struggling with crappy hair.
Yesterday I didn’t style it thinking, all weekend it looked cute with the wash and go thing.
Well yesterday it was flat as could be and nothing I could do, would change it.
Quite depressing
(yes this may seem like a little thing, but if I am having a bad hair day, my whole day is off)

so today, this morning when I bathed at five am, I got out and towel dried off and used the blow dryer to style my hair.
AND it looks like crap again.
What am I doing wrong?

Yesterday I thought, okay maybe I didn’t rinse the cream rinse out very well.
So this morning I made extra sure that I did rinse my hair throughly

but it doesn’t matter.
the hair is just not doing it’s best.

And like when I feel fat and bloated (that certain time of the month) I just feel off and not at my best.
Same with my hair.
So….it is frustrating.


Posted September 30, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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