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my big mouth   Leave a comment

of course I have opened my big mouth and hurt my sister’s feelings.
I should know better and I should have just kept quiet about it.
One sister said we are sisters and that entitles us to share our ups and downs and every aspect of our lives that we are struggling with.
Which I agree
however we also tend to criticize and no one wants to share all their deepest darkest thoughts to have someone come along and criticize their choices or what they are doing or willing to endure.

I think that is why we aren’t as close as we could be.

but I know better than to open my big mouth.
I wish I hadn’t.
But since it can’t be taken back I have to learn to live with the consequences

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what’s going on today   Leave a comment

here we are sitting on Tuesday morning.
I am at work, and as always I am wishing I wasn’t.
Paid bills today and find that I have only $107 until my husband gets paid a week from this Friday.
Quite depressing.
And yes I know I am lucky to have two incomes when some people only have one.
And I know I am lucky to have a job as well.

Just saying, it stinks….when all the bills are paid there is little or nothing left over for fun.

I kind of ache today.
Have a stomach ache and feel like someone has pounded on me a time or two.
Took some ibuprofen so hopefully that will kick in soon.

other than that it is just another carbon copy of yesterday.
Which is boring as can be but alas….this is my life…..

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