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Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee   Leave a comment


I’m thinking of heading here in the October at the end of the month…..Cane_Creek_Cascades

I have been here four other times but it is a quick vacation spot that doesn’t cost a whole heck of a lot of money…..

Travel Trip Foliage Smackdown

and with the fall colors it will be beautiful.


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I agree   Leave a comment

My sister wrote a blog earlier today saying something like “I don’t want to play any more”
I feel the exact same way.
I don’t want to play any more either.
I don’t want to do this.

I mumbled while I was doing breakfast….”I need a different job”

 and a child said “What did you say?”
I just said “I’m talking to myself”

There are times in my life I have felt like this….that I don’t want to play anymore.
But for me it was more “I just don’t want to do this anymore”
but I have to say that while I waddle through the muck….it usually turns out alright if I am patient.

There are days I don’t mind this job and then there are days when I just hate it.
Today I am in between.

I don’t want to be here and IF I could afford it I wouldn’t work here.
But until I get some bills paid….I am stuck……

So I don’t want to play anymore either and I am betting seventy five percent of Americans feel the same way about their jobs……

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Death Ghost …..again   Leave a comment

I have written about the darkness that I call The Death Ghost that has come to my bedroom at night.
To be honest with you it has been months since The Death Ghost has visited me at night when I am just about ready to doze off to sleep

Last night not only did The Death Ghostvisit it was extremely different then any other time.

Usually the darkness looms around the room, and or once or twice it has sat down on the opposite side of the bed that I am on.

I always attribute this as meaning that someone will die soon.
The reason I call it The Death Ghost because it is a mass of darkness and it feels pure evil.

Well last night it loomed right above my face.
Several inches above me but it felt like it was trying to smoother me with its blackness.
No I didn’t panic.
I tried to shut it out, but it was there for a good five minutes or so.
I finally told it, speaking to the empty room
“If you are going to take me, then take me. I am not afraid of you.  If it is my time to die, then I am ready to die.  My Lord will look after me.  I am not afraid of you”

and then it disappeared.

Last night was the first time in all the years The Death Ghost has come to me, that I thought, okay it is going to be me that dies.

Well I am still here today.
And hopefully I am here for at least twenty to thirty more years so I can see my little peanut be born and grow to manhood.

But if I die today, or tomorrow….or whenever….then I am ready to go.
I am right with My Lord and I know I will live in His Kingdom.

do I want to die?
Hell no.
Definitely not.
But if it is my time…..then I am ready.

My  children all know that I love them.
My grandchildre n all know that I adore them
And God willing my children will keep me alive for my grand children to remember for forever.

I hope to never see The Death Ghost again……but I am not afraid….

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another Monday   Leave a comment

I really feel like writing another stinking Monday but I am trying to be positive.
Hard to do at times but alas….I shall set forth to be happy.

got all of my Monday morning chores out-of-the-way and now I am just waiting for it to be time to go and do breakfast for these lovely children.

Plan to go watch Keira dance tonight and other than that it is pretty much the same old routine.

Yes I lead a boring life.
My grand children are my life.

my kids are all grown and no longer need me unless it is to borrow money or baby sit.
So I have to absorb as much grand children time as I can.
They are my wonderful gifts from God.
I so adore them.


my life is pretty ho hum, living from day-to-day pretty much doing the same thing over and over…..

but with my gifts from God, the ho hum things  can be tolerated
Happy Monday!

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