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a great day   Leave a comment

had my girls until eleven thirty and then just had Keira until five thirty.
She had a melt down at one thirty so we lay down for a two hour nap.
I slept too.
Must have needed it after yesterday!
Kayla got her ears pierced today and her daddy said she barely cried.

prunes finally worked for my little toad and she is a happy girl again.

Hope everyone had a great Sunday.
Couldn’t beat the weather!


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let’s just say after the day we had yesterday my two little angels, weren’t angels.
Not that it was their faults.
They both were exhausted from a long long day at the church and then the reception after wards.
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Kayla slept ten hours and Keira is still sleeping.
Going on ten hours right now.
So hopefully she will wake up in the happy mood Kayla woke up in.

Love these two little bundles of joy more than I love my own life, but I wouldn’t want another day like yesterday for anything.
Just way too much over stimulation for both of them.

Happy Sunday!

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