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mom's pics 3 008

mom's pics 3 033

mom's pics 3 207

mom's pics 3 165

mom's pics 3 016

mom's pics 3 004

and in 7 and a half months I will get to add my little peanut to my pictures of my  grand children.
How I love being Nana


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it seems a shame to write something after I put pretty pictures up on the site.

I can’t get enough of looking at mountains and Utah202162

even the beach can’t outshine the mountains and Utah for me


the above picture is from Zion National Park as is the one directly below these lines.
A place I probably wouldn’t have seen if not for my eldest child


then of course we have My Mountain in Washington

My Rainer


that I just MUST go visit again one day


or Montana, I will definitely have to see that again some day.

Alaska calls to me too, definitely.





is where I ache to be…..




and plan to return to in seven months.

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I am counting down the minutes until I can start my weekend.
I have forty minutes to go until I can walk out these doors and head home.
Love the weekends and Monday rolls around way too early.
Still….I get to spend the weekends with those I love the most so….it makes it extra special and that is why the time flies like it does.


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God’s beauty is all around us   Leave a comment







fall pics 2



How can we deny it?
Just look at these beautiful pictures, or my beautiful grand daughters
God’s beauty is all around us.
We just have to open our eyes and look.

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I had a conversation last evening with someone who told me they don’t believe in God.

I am not going to name names because this person isn’t here to defend them selves

It is odd to me to hear this person say “I believe there is a higher power but not necessarily God”
this person said praying is pointless because nothing gets answered.
I argued that every single prayer I have ever prayed for has gotten answered except one.
And I very much believe that if God didn’t answer it, there was a reason HE didn’t.
I don’t have the bigger picture God does.
And it is not my job to question my Lord.

IF I didn’t have my Lord to pray to each and every day and answer to every day, I would be a tumble weed blowing in the wind.
I would be like so many other people who are out there in this world, Live for myself and for what I want and think I need and not have a conscience nor empathy for others.

this person said to me “Why would God allow murders and rapist and child abuse? What kind of God is that?”

I was so stunned by this person’s  convictions that I could hardly speak.
But now I am thinking  GOD gave us free will.
God has a reason for everything.
God is all powerful all knowing.
I can’t speak for God.
Nor would I ever want to.
All I know for sure is I NEED MY LORD and I NEED to know HE is walking beside me each and every day.
I NEED to know HE loves me and that He will be waiting with open arms one day for me to join Him in Heaven.

In my way of thinking What would be the point of living if I didn’t have God there to hold my hand?

To listen to my hopes and dreams and prayers?

Every thing I have, my children, my grand children, my husband and siblings….are all gifts from my God.

Without God I am nothing.
With Him I have everything.

It really saddens me that this person can be so negative and almost hateful when it comes to God.

and I am powerless to change this person’s mind.

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6Travel Trip Foliage Smackdown

fall picsTo me these pictures are God’s work at it’s finest.
Yes we have pretty summer days, and exceptionally beautiful emerald green springs but Fall is just about perfect to me.

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today is very rainy and very fallish out.
not even suppose to hit seventy today.
Which thrills me.
I am so ready for cooler temps.
Love the idea of Fall.
NO I am not ready for winter yet…..but I am ready for it to be fallish.

Love the rain today.
I just wish I was home and enjoying it instead of being here at work

When it rains I love to either be sleeping, or reading a good book, or baking.

the leaves continue to change although not as much as they will here in another three weeks or so…..

Happy Friday every one!

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I went all day yesterday without drinking a pop and I miss it greatly.
But I am sick of feeling fat and bloated all of the time and I KNOW it is due to the pop.
I went eleven months once without drinking pop.
Why did I ever start again?
I know why, because water gets to tasting so blah….

I tend to drink more ice tea if I don’t drink pop with sugar of course and I need to lay off that too.
So sick of feeling like I weigh four hundred pounds.

Anyway it is Friday, and that thrills me to no end.

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