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The one who bears the sweetest name

and adds a lesson to the same

who shares my joys, who tears when sad

the greatest friend I have ever had
long life to her for there is no other

who can take the place of my dear mother

I don’t know who wrote the above poem

either my mother or grandmother had that on a wall in her house years and years ago.
and while my mother and I weren’t best friends, I do love and miss her.

Being a mother now to four grown children still has it’s challenges.
I wasn’t always the best mother and Lord knows I made plenty of mistakes.
Some have been forgiven and some never will be.

I sat in the doctor’s office with my youngest child while she was going through the tests and poking and prodding to become a mother herself and while I didn’t feel old, I felt nostalgic sitting there.
I was 28 when I had her

she will be 21 when she has her baby.
And I sat there wondering, where did all those years go?
how is it possible for my baby girl to be all grown up and having a baby of her own?

My son is 23 and has two little girls.
Three and ten months.
So he was 20 when Keira was born.
It didn’t hit me so much when he was that young having babies.
I suppose because he is a boy.
But sitting there with Emily and looking at her, knowing she is a Mama now.
yes it makes me smile and yes it makes me incredibly thankful to my Lord.
but there is a little part of me that thinks…….she isn’t old enough.
She isn’t ready…..

how can I help her get through this?
it will be tough
It will be painful

It will all be so new to her.

I was 17 when I had my first child.
So I know Emily will survive all of this.
But a part of me still wants to protect my little baby girl.
Who can’t possible be old enough to be a Mama

even though she is.

and I am just so very thankful that I get to be there to help her every step of the way.

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going to be going for an early supper with my sister when I leave work today.
I didn’t eat lunch so I am rather hungry.
Granted I could go probably a few weeks without eating and I would be fine such I am so fat but ….my stomach feels empty so I will eat.
I am giving up pop today.
Starting today.
I meant to do it yesterday but forgot and ordered pop with my lunch.
To be honest I don’t want to give it up.
I like my sugar but I feel better when I am not drinking it.
less bloated.
We usually can spend a few hours visiting when we get together
we try to do it once a month just because.

We should try to hit a movie some time just the two of us too but she doesn’t always like what I like and vice versa.

Still don’t have the internet at home and I won’t for another twenty four hours.
Media com is suppose to come and fix it between one and three tomorrow.
At times I feel lost without it but I read last night instead of playing on the internet so….I guess that was time well spent.

Tomorrow is Friday thank God.

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Why me Lord   Leave a comment

why do I get to be one of the lucky ones?
What have I ever done to deserve all the gifts that you have given me?
I am a sinner.
big time sinner, and yet you forgive me and keep gracing my life with these wonderful gifts.
your love first and formost.
Your answering my prayers….

my children, my grand children, my husband….our health…..

our ability to have good jobs and to be able to work…….

your love and strength wraps around me like a warm blanket of sunshine….forever making me so very grateful for all the blessings that you Dear Lord have passed my way.
I am truly one of the lucky ones.
Thank you Lord so very much.

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at the end of my rainbow   Leave a comment

APTOPIX Argentina PatagoniaMy heart is wherever my children and grand children are, but if I had a destination in mind of where I would end up, it will definitely be out west where the mountains can awash me with their beauty each and every morning and I can go to sleep at night looking at them.
I will never live far away from my grand babies but at the end of my rainbow….there is Mountains.


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images_3 I dreamt last night that I was visiting my sister in the west,  I think she was living in Wyoming but I can’t be sure.
All I do know is her surroundings looked like the above picture.
And I was enthralled and thinking to myself “Why do I live in Iowa when I could look at this every day?”
Of course I woke up with the alarm and the dream has pretty much left me now.
And while Iowa is a nice place to live and it does have it’s own beauty……the mountains are still calling to me…..

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peanut   Leave a comment

I have decided that my daughter’s baby is going to be a boy.
Her boyfriend wants to name him Xavier and I told Adam (her boyfriend) last night that if they do name him Xavier I will just call him “My little X-Man”

Adam laughed
I already call him my little peanut so that might stick better then my little x-man will.

I of course don’t know if it will be a boy but we are hoping for one.
If she is a little girl that if fine too.
She can still be my little peanut.

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slept wrong   Leave a comment

my neck is stiff and my back is sore and I can only assume I slept wrong.
Of course I did pick up Keira last night.
All 30 (she says 60) pounds of her.
I have a bathroom scale in my bathroom and she weighed herself last night and told me she weighed sixty pounds.
And then right before she left she weighed herself again and said she was 80 pounds.
She really is just 30 pounds though.

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