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internet woes   Leave a comment

I  am having problems with my internet at home and I called the company and they are going to come out on Friday afternoon and fix it.
They say I am not getting a good signal.
Okay but that still leaves me without internet at home for another 48 hours.
Which stinks.

amazing how often a person gets use to something and then it gets taken away or in this case quit working and you feel bummed.

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official baby news   Leave a comment

I now can give official baby news.

my youngest daughter Emily is five weeks and five days pregnant

due May 21st of next year.
I am excited.
And of course we are hoping for a healthy baby but if we get to choose, (which of course we don’t) we would like a boy.

Adam says if it is a boy he wants to name him Xavier.
Which isn’t just a mexican name, he informed me, but an irish name too.
not too wild about it but it could grow on me.
I would call him Xavie or X-Man.

I thank my dear Heavenly Father for this additional blessing in my life.

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people   Leave a comment

I am becoming a crabby old lady.
(I’m 48)

but people are starting to grate on my nerves.
I try not to let it get to me, and I even pray to be better but lately everyone gets on my nerves.

from my co workers to people sharing the highway with me, to people at the grocery store who are suppose to be thankful for my business….to anyone in between.
(Not my husband or children)

What makes people so stupid?
I am guessing they are just so involved in their own lives that they can’t see the forrest for the trees but OPEN THOSE EYES PEOPLE!!!!

No I am not in a bad mood.
Not really .
I am tired, I am sick of working (Same old song there) and I am worried about my daughter’s doctor appointment.

IF I get good news from that (God willing)  I will be the happiest woman on earth.
But until then……..until then…….everything (every one) annoys me.

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hump day   Leave a comment

it is six thirty am on Wednesday or what I refer to as hump day.
It is a scary day for many reasons.
Well not many, just one.
Today my daughter finds out if she is pregnant and how far along she is if she is.
I say IF because she has had fertile problems and or lack of ovulation.
I hope she is, the home pregnancy test say she is, but I read on the internet that any chemical usage found in certain medicines can read a false positive.
So I hope and YES I HAVE BEEN PRAYING that she is indeed pregnant.
it would devastate her if she wasn’t.
so for her sake I hope she is.

Two more work days after today……

Have a wedding to go to on Saturday.
A baby sitting the youngest grand daughter Kayla on Friday night and all day Saturday and then Saturday night at the reception.
Then she and her sister Keira will stay the night on Saturday night.

Sunday is completely open.
Maybe my hubby and I will hit a movie.

Anyway happy Hump Day everyone!

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