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there really is no other word for it.
This day has been crappy from the get go.

and for those of you who don’t want to read any further yes this is going to be a bitch session so if you don’t want to listen to me bitch, you should go elsewhere now.

Last warning………..


Anyone who knows me knows I hate my job.
I hate cleaning up after people.
I hate having to stay here when I hate this job so much.
But my own stupidity got me in to this predictiment so I suffer in a job I hate.

I told my husband over the weekend that I have no intention of being here after school gets out next June.
Of course I had no intention of being here this year either or last year for that matter.
And yet still here I am

My husband’s reply was “can we afford for you to take a lower paying job?”
I told him “I don’t care if we can or not, I hate this job”
He just frowns at me.

yeah money will be tight if I have to take a five dollar cut in pay per hour but I HATE THIS PLACE!
I am beginning to hate my boss and the people who are around me in this job.

So after my husband frowns at me and we get to talking about bills and how tight it will be he has me thinking “okay I should stay here because the money is so good”

I am a firm believer in never say never……and maybe all I really need is a vacation.

But if we have many more days like today, I may not wait until next June.
And then we will be in a pickle.

Posted September 22, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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