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Occasionally because I am bored I look up who was the most googled in a day
Today Jessica Lange has been one of the top people googled.
So I googled her too just to see what was the interest.

I have to say, she is not aging well.
She actually looks horrible.

She doesn’t look healthy at all.

NOT that I am a raving beauty because Lord knows I am not.
And I look older then I should.
BUT  I don’t have all the money they have had all through the years to keep myself looking spiffy.

Kathleen Turner is another woman who has not aged well at all.
I saw her in “Marley and Me” and I wondered why she would put herself out there like that, looking so old and unhealthy.
My husband said “she probably needed a pay check” but still……

now I don’t consider myself a vain person and I WOULD NEVER try to come across as I am better then some one else.
But IF I looked like Kathleen Turner did in “Body Heat” or Jessica Lange did in “Sweet Dreams” and looked like they do now…..
I wouldn’t do anything to bring attention to myself and that includes being in a movie.

Quite sad.
Hollywood life doesn’t look like the profession to be in to age well……


Posted September 22, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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