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What about Bob   Leave a comment

I have never seen the above titled movie.
I know it has always been a favorite of my brother’s  and I have seen bits and pieces of it through out the years but I have never sat down to watch it until tonight.

it is funny.

Silly but funny.

Bill Murry is very funny in it

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not aging well   Leave a comment

Occasionally because I am bored I look up who was the most googled in a day
Today Jessica Lange has been one of the top people googled.
So I googled her too just to see what was the interest.

I have to say, she is not aging well.
She actually looks horrible.

She doesn’t look healthy at all.

NOT that I am a raving beauty because Lord knows I am not.
And I look older then I should.
BUT  I don’t have all the money they have had all through the years to keep myself looking spiffy.

Kathleen Turner is another woman who has not aged well at all.
I saw her in “Marley and Me” and I wondered why she would put herself out there like that, looking so old and unhealthy.
My husband said “she probably needed a pay check” but still……

now I don’t consider myself a vain person and I WOULD NEVER try to come across as I am better then some one else.
But IF I looked like Kathleen Turner did in “Body Heat” or Jessica Lange did in “Sweet Dreams” and looked like they do now…..
I wouldn’t do anything to bring attention to myself and that includes being in a movie.

Quite sad.
Hollywood life doesn’t look like the profession to be in to age well……



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not just another day in paradise   Leave a comment


there really is no other word for it.
This day has been crappy from the get go.

and for those of you who don’t want to read any further yes this is going to be a bitch session so if you don’t want to listen to me bitch, you should go elsewhere now.

Last warning………..


Anyone who knows me knows I hate my job.
I hate cleaning up after people.
I hate having to stay here when I hate this job so much.
But my own stupidity got me in to this predictiment so I suffer in a job I hate.

I told my husband over the weekend that I have no intention of being here after school gets out next June.
Of course I had no intention of being here this year either or last year for that matter.
And yet still here I am

My husband’s reply was “can we afford for you to take a lower paying job?”
I told him “I don’t care if we can or not, I hate this job”
He just frowns at me.

yeah money will be tight if I have to take a five dollar cut in pay per hour but I HATE THIS PLACE!
I am beginning to hate my boss and the people who are around me in this job.

So after my husband frowns at me and we get to talking about bills and how tight it will be he has me thinking “okay I should stay here because the money is so good”

I am a firm believer in never say never……and maybe all I really need is a vacation.

But if we have many more days like today, I may not wait until next June.
And then we will be in a pickle.

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thinking out loud   Leave a comment

what would be the ultimate thing?
what would be the thing to invent that every one would want and or need?
If I was a guessing person I think the only thing I can think of is, either MORE MONEY (which every one needs) OR TO CLONE ONESELF

IF I had a clone of myself  that clone or “Marge 2” as I would call it, would come to work for me.
It would work two jobs probably and bring in the money while I did the things I enjoy doing at my leisure.
Then the last eight hours of the day it could be on its rechargable battery and sleep and get ready for the following sixteen hour day.
I would of course let “Marge 2” have Saturday and Sunday’s off and give her whatever would make her happy for those two days.
Maybe it would be just a bit more of battery charging.
Maybe she had met another clone in one of her jobs and wanted to battery up to it?

Whatever she needed she would get on her two days of rest.
AND I wouldn’t have to work again.

Now doesn’t that sound like heaven?
OR I could just start making hundred dollar bills in my basement and let every one think I won the lottery.

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pretty pictures of snow   Leave a comment






while I am not ready for winter yet, I do like looking at nature’s beauty.

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snow cap mountains   Leave a comment

I just had a teacher walk in here while I was dusting the library and tell me that it is snowing in the mountains out west and how does that make me feel?
I laughed and said “It makes me feel like I wish I was out there (Out west) watching it snow”

I love the mountains and I love seeing snow on the mountains.
To me it is God showing off His beauty at it’s finest.

I would love to be out west right now standing on a mountain and lifting my face up and having the snow fall on me.
Sounds like heaven.

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does it really matter?   Leave a comment

I am reading headlines that are making it across the world this morning and there is one on “How Mars turned Red”

and I ask you, does it matter?
There is another one on Dementia and it says that 35 million people world wide are suffering with Dementia
And I ask you, who went out and counted those thirty five million and DOES IT MATTER?

Sometimes I think the news or media just share things because there is nothing else to report and while I would rather see the above titled headlines then some horrific war going on or a murdering spree some where…..I can’t help but wonder, does it matter?

Why do they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on things that we can live without knowing?

Or am I just tired and cranky today?

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wishing I was home in bed   Leave a comment

I’m tired today and my back still hurts.
Odd to me that it keeps giving me fits when I have been trying really hard to take it easy.
but alas….it was only Sunday when I hurt it so….I guess I need to learn patience so it can heal.

Don’t want to go to the doctor because she will have me off of work for at least a week.

got a spider bite at the base of my thumb on my left hand and man is it annoying.
Just tender and in a crappy spot.

Yes I am complaining again.

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