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a woman I really liked got let go Friday and there is no reason for it, as of yet (that we as the employees have learned of yet)
Guess she had words with our main boss and he was the one who fired her.
Quite sad because I liked to just call her up or email her and just talk.
Nothing about work just about life, being female and the like.
I will miss her.

I know she is among hundreds of people who are losing their jobs….but it is still sad.
She was (IS) a great lady in my book.


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the back, what an incredibly fragile thing it is.

it seems once you hurt it, it never quite heals.

I am suffering today with a back ache that is shooting sparks of pain down my right leg.
Hate this.

I tell myself to stop being a woose and just deal with it, but…when it hurts to walk, to sit, to bend over….to do anything how can I be a woose?

I know quit complaining…..

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well here I sit on another Monday.
I didn’t mind coming to work too awfully bad today.
I had an up beat attitude and felt really good about the work day.
That all changed once I got here though.
My night custodian has worked here for twenty plus years and he always wants to do the building checks on the weekends for the over time.
I let him even though it is my job because he lives closer then I do and the last thing I want to do is drive twenty miles one way on my days off to come here.

Anyway I have asked him and asked him to make sure all toilets are flushed before he leaves.
So one would think on Friday night he would do that right?
And then again on Saturday and again on Sunday.

Some one SH-T in a urinal on the east side of the school and it sat there all freaking weekend.
Talk about stink!!!
That definitely put my good mood to hell in a heart beat.

Plus my back hurts and while that is my fault because I pick up Keira who is thirty pounds, and I know I shouldn’t pick her up….I do and … still hurts.

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last evening between eleven thirty and one am my ten month old grand daughter was wide awake.
We came out into the living room so she wouldn’t wake her sister up.
While we were out here she would crawl around chasing after Isabel our cat wanting to get to her.
Well Isabel was having none of it and wouldn’t let Kayla catch her.
After three times of crawling back and forth between our living room and dining room she just sat down and whimpered.

My baby girl loves to be read to and loves it when someone sings to her.
She likes music too and loves to bounce around on her butt to it.
She adores her big sister Keira and watches her constantly.
I tell Keira….”She adores you and thinks you are everything she wants to be”
And of course Keira just smiles.

I do so love being these girls Nana.

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my three year old grand daughter Keira said something to me last night that I find to be incredibly funny.
She was sitting next to me while I was reading her and Kayla a story.

all of a sudden she said “Oh” in a groan like thing and fell back wards on the couch.
I said “what’s wrong?”
And she groaned and said “Emie’s going to have a boy”
When we told her a couple of weeks ago that my youngest daughter was going to have a baby she kept saying “Emie” (Keira’s name for her) “Is going to have a girl”
So for her to be so dramatic last night and say she is going to have a boy made me laugh.
I asked her what was wrong with a little boy
And her answer was “We need girls”
I said “No we have three girls we need a little boy”
And she said “nope, we need another girl”

She is constantly thinking and is so smart.
Love her to pieces.

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