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well we went to the city at noon and now suddenly it is almost four thirty.
Amazing to me how time flies.
YES we spent almost two hours with the kids and that was great and wonderful to just sit and visit with them…..but it is just insane how quickly the time flies.
Here we are sitting on Sunday late afternoon and tomorrow begins another work week.
NOT that I don’t have a lot to do at work because there is always something to do.
Still the saying “time flies when you are having fun” is oh so true.


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well the girls left with their mama.
She has a family reunion on her side and took the girls with her.
odd to me she called and said “Would you be terribly upset if I came and got the girls?”
I laughed and said “They are your girls, you don’t have to ask permission”

those two little darling angels are the light of my life.
True awesome wonderful gifts from my Lord.

I am a truly blessed woman.

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I find myself doing something that my one and only grandmother use to do all of the time.
I use to think, ‘how boring’ to do that over and over again.
But I find myself doing the same thing.

First before I get into what I do that she always did I should explain something.
I do a lot of waiting.
I wait for my son and his wife to bring their girls to us so we can baby sit them and have them over night.
I wait the next day for them to come and get them
(basically it is their time and nothing else gets done when my grand daughters are here)

I am waiting now forΒ  them to come and get their girls or time to pass so we can meet my youngest child and her boyfriend for a late lunch.

I have no problem taking the girls with us as we go to town to do a few things.

Kayla is sleeping though so we can’tΒ  do anything while I wait for her to wake up.

now what I tend to do that is so much like my grandmother is…
I play solitaire.

she use to play this card game for hours on end.
I tend to play it quite a bit but the only difference with me is I play in on the computer and she played with a deck of cards.

My husband and I rarely agree what to watch on TV and ninety percent of the time he chooses what is on.
So while I half listen to what he is watching I play solitaire.

I never thought I would be the kind of person who plays this game over and over
But I am.
Sometimes I can play fifty games in a night and not win one.
Sometimes I can play ten games and win three in a row.

So besides getting my grandmother’s name as my own, I now play hours of solitaire like she once did.

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my husband and I were talking yesterday about replacing the windows in the bigger house that we are moving back into next spring.
There are 18 windows that need replaced so I am guessing we are talking roughly three thousand dollars or more before it is all said and done.
However they don’t all need to be replaced at the same time.
I was thinking we would do all of the upstairs ones first and then take our time in doing the downstairs ones.

We also went over there to measure the windows and as we are driving away my husband comments on the garage and how the wood is rotting away.
I smiled and said “Well we will have a savings for windows and when we get those replaced we will start saving for the garage”

He did just tell me that my back tire is shot.
We just got two new front tires about three weeks ago.
And now I need to get two more for the back tires.


Always something.

And then yesterday I mentioned to him we should think about putting money away for our daughter’s wedding.
NO her boyfriend hasn’t asked her to marry him and NO there is no wedding date set.
but it will only be a matter of time when they do decide to do it.
Weather it is a year from now or five years from now.
We really should have something put away for it.
Being’s it is the only daughter who will want an elaborate wedding.

so needless to say there is more plans there then there is money to do it….but that is what working is all about right?
To strive for things we want and need.

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I had my two youngest grand daughters over night and as it always seems to happen, I don’t sleep well with them here.
Kayla was in bed at seven thirty and was up again at eleven thirty until one.
I just got her back to sleep when Keira woke up to a bad dream.
So that woke Kayla up too.
Keira actually never woke up from the dream, she just was crying and saying “It hurts, it hurts” and I tried to soothe her and tell her she was just dreaming.
When I asked her what hurt she said “My leg won’t rest” so I rubbed her legs for her and she was back into dream land in no time.
Kayla however had to toss and turn for another thirty minutes before she quieted down again.
Kayla never seems to sleep peacefully.
she tosses and turns so much and cries out and just seems unrested.
She is napping now.

Keira is out side with her poppy riding her bike and playing.

it is a bit chilly this morning but….I prefer this to hot and humid.
Fall is definitely here.

Happy Sunday to one and all.

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