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I had the oddest dream this morning

I was with my family, Carolyn, Cyndi, Kathy and my niece Jackie and we had all gathered at my sister Kathy’s condo.
It was in a high rise in the center of what I can only assume was downtown Iowa City.
(I say this because the surroundings were Iowa City BUT there are no high rises there)

anyway as we were there we were discussing our vacation plans to go to Europe.
(guess we all had more money then we do now)
anyway as we are sitting there in Kathy’s very open very spacious very window filled living room, I notice something on fire falling from the sky.
I keep saying over and over “What is that?”

we all get up and look out her huge windows as it fast and hard from the sky.
At the last minute it turns into a space ship of sorts….or that is what we think and we all  breathe a sigh of relief.
UNTIL it turns again and heads straight for us, spraying bullets at us like we are a threat to it

we scream, we dive for cover and we try to not get killed as it shatters windows all around us

the noise is deafening and we are screaming and scared.

Then it disappears and we are all fine as we stand up among the ruins of Kathy’s living room.

as the cool summer evening sweeps around us in  the windowless roofless condo we are all in shock.
Then suddenly there are four to six  helicopters there with long swords attached to them that literally take off the tops of buildings all around us.
We all fall to the floor again praying and screaming hoping we are going to survive what ever hell we have fallen into .
once all the buildings and high rise apartments and condos around us are smashed in half or worse we get up and we run to the lower half of the building that Kathy lives in.
At the main entry door we find it blocked by bricks of another building and inside the door is Kathy’s son Wayne, bleeding and injured.
We all run to the basement and hide.

as we spend hours reassuring each other that we will be fine and Kathy tends to Wayne’s stomach wound we hear all kinds of strange noises above us.
A locomotive sound threatens to burst all of our ear drums as we huddle close and try not to go insane.

men in oxygen masks come by the hundreds with rifles to eliminate any one who survived the attacks from the unknown source.

we all hide in a closet in the basement under the stairs and behind dozens of boxes

amazingly we all get away with it and the men with the rifles intending to kill us go away.

We stay there for hours, until we can no longer handle each other’s fears and we dare to go and see what the outside world looks like.

It is like the whole world is suddenly gone.

all that is left is ruin

nothing is there except demolished buildings

as we make our way through the now barren and ruined city we watch each other’s back and try to keep each other encouraged as we look for fellow humans or something to give us an idea on how this happened.
And why.

I of course wake up before the dream goes any further but I can’t help but wonder, what would make me dream of something so weird?

I have had dreams that are just as strange and I always wonder where do they come from and WHY does my mind conjure up these dreams???


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